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Temptation's Clutches

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The long, relentless road of young, former Olympian Ron’s descent into fulfilled temptation in man-on-man action stems from something his wife, Sally, wants badly—a sexy glamour shot of him in cowboy costume. From the moment Ron’s brother-in-law, Phil, leads Ron to the Web site of the novelty shop, gym, and photographer’s studio, Temptation Castle, Ron is trapped by its very real nefarious activities hidden in the code puzzle of the Web site in an ever-deepening web of temptation. Day by day, action by action, we watch Ron give into the temptation of desire and just going that one more step in a direction he thought he had successfully outgrown when he got married. All the while his brother-in-law is standing by, watching and waiting.

This is an expanded relaunch of the eXcessica novella “Temptation Castle.”

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