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Teachology: Or Everything, People Who Care About Education, Should Know About Teaching And Learning.

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This book comes from a science teacher and is addressed primarily to teachers. Any person, however – a parent, a school or a district official – who wants to participate in a current heated discussion on what is wrong with the current education (if any), and how to fix it (if needed) will find in this book many unusual and even controversial statements (Chapters 8 to 12 are addressed mostly to science teachers, but have a content which does not require any specialized knowledge, and provide ideas useful for any subject teacher).

The first goal of this book is to present a coherent description of the teaching philosophy (based on an extensive and successful teaching practice), which can be used by a teacher when planning and reflecting on his or her teaching work.

The secondary purpose of this book is to offer several unorthodox views on what is happening in the field education. That is why, while reading this book, sometimes it might feel like reading a science paper, or a political pamphlet, or listening to a person thinking out loud, or being involved into a heat discussion.

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