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Viridian System Sampler: 8 Short Stories

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This anthology of eight short stories starts with what turns out to be the genesis of the Viridian System series, a science fiction adventure starring two asteroid miners, Big Pete and the Swede.

Each comes with an explanation of how the story came about - most are in response to an online flash fiction prompt. As the weekly exercises continued, so two characters demanded to be heard, developing their motivations, interests, and exploring the world, or system, in which they live. These short stories tend to have twists and narrow escapes that might not be sustainable in the series. Zito, who runs a bar and an escort agency on the primary planet, Pleasant Valley, features large in these tasters. Later ones include back story, and first appearances of characters who became important to the series.

The story titles in the second (2017) edition are:

The Orichalcum Library
The Appeal of Alpha Kenworthy (new)
Disappearing Act
Auburn Moon, Vermilion Tides
The Coprolite Conundrum (new)
The White Rose of York (new)
The Inspector Calls (new)

This sampler gives science fiction readers a taster of the series, in advance of the re-issue of The Perihelix, book 1 of the Viridian System series. Book 2 is also in preparation.

Please note that this sampler may be revised to include different stories from time to time. You should be able to update your copy to the latest version from your purchase site.

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