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The Essence of Life

Length: 42 pages42 minutes


“They were not human anymore. Not dead, but not human.”

Decades ago an explosion in the small farming community of Tunstin, Montana triggered a cataclysm that changed the residents forever. Although they were walking and talking like normal people, observers couldn't help but notice that something was wrong with them. Before the explosions they were like any small town. After it was like whatever made them people had been stripped away. A battery of physical test from outsiders responding to the blast reveled nothing unusual about the townsfolk, however, anyone who talked to them could tell that something was wrong. Eventually, the researchers gave up on trying to help the people of Tunstin and leave them to die out on their own.

Now an ambitious student has stumbled across one of the responders' journal and finds herself caught up in the mystery. What happened in Tunstin that took away the townsfolk's lives as surely as if they'd died? Determined to get to the heart of the mystery, Candice Jane Hoyle is on a mission to find out what droves of scientists missed. Her research has turned up three leads and started a race against time to learn the facts before the only people who can answer her questions disappear entirely. Each surviving witness she talks to brings her closer to finding out the truth of what happened, but can she figure out the mystery before it consumes her?

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