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Officer Down

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It is 1991 and the United States Government has been pressing Colombia to extradite drug dealers to the U.S. In response, the-cartel overlords join forces with an international terrorist group to form Puño Blanco, a narco-terrorist group, and initiate a daring and deadly plan: shift the battleground to New York City and export terrorism to the United States. The target: the New York City Police Department.
Only four people have a chance of stopping Puño Blanco before New York City self-destructs: Dan Morgan, a highly respected police inspector whose effectiveness may be crippled by a guilty conscience; Chris Liberti, an ambitious FBI agent who has to prove her worthiness in a virtually all-male world; Donal Castillo, a DEA agent with a knack for hand-to-hand combat whose hatred of drug dealers threatens to compromise his professionalism; and Ray Fleming, a young and frighteningly inexperienced undercover officer who becomes the crucial linchpin between the two warring groups.

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