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Naughty FairyTales Before Sleep (For Girls)

Length: 32 pages32 minutes


“Who has hurt you?” – Lana’s voice brought Nell back to reality of her bedroom again.

“What?” How she could possibly know that someone had hurt her? Was that so obvious? Nobody even knew. Nell had worked hard enough to turn herself into what she was now – so no emotions could be shown to anyone. Anybody, who knew how she felt, could hurt her again: Nell was not letting that happen to her. Lana’s warm smile completely disarmed Nell. She was that girl again – disowned by her family for who she was; abandoned by her lover, whom she trusted; left alone in the emptiness and darkness of the streets – that girl, who could only rely on herself and her brain to carry herself out of that miserable situation.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude into your private story... I just thought you might want to talk to someone...” While she was blurting endless line of excuses, she probably accidentally placed her delicate hand on top of Nell’s, lightly caressing her fingers trying to comfort her.

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