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Who Has the Gold?

Length: 311 pages4 hours


Nancy Peterson, a feisty, hard as nails, redhead Wells Fargo agent had just celebrated her thirtieth birthday alone. All alone. Her fiancé and only true love, ever, lay in a casket alongside two other guards, because of a poor management decision.
With rising operating costs, Wells Fargo decided to combine three gold shipments and provide two less guards. Management was proud of their decision until receiving the earth shattering news that all guards were murdered and the gold was gone. $250,000,000 dollars—gone. The question of how it happened along the southwestern edge of Minnesota, near a town called Spamsville, where civilization is very sparse, remains a mystery.

Wells Fargo believed Nancy to be the best agent available who was capable of gleaning information from the locals who hung out a rundown diner in Spamsville, MN.

When approached, to go undercover as the inheritor of the diner following the fictitious death of her “uncle”, the previous owner, she jumped at the chance. She burned within for revenge. In her heart, none of them would stand trial. She was determined she would pass final judgment and carryout the execution.

In another part of America, a beautiful very wealthy Born-Again-Christian woman, Elizabeth Cumpattii, discovered her husband was a major mob boss. After blowing the whistle, the U.S. Marshall’s Office provided protective custody for Elizabeth and her fourteen-year-old daughter, Mary Beth, by placing them in the witness protection program. They both narrowly survived a very auspicious beginning before arriving in Spamsville, Minnesota to begin their new lives.

The arrival of the three women upset the status quo of the local group of retired men who spend their days sitting on the porch of the local diner drinking coffee.

Others have plans to turn this obscure one-main-road town into a mega golf resort.

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