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The Blessings Of Obedience

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It seems as though you can talk about anything you want as long as it doesn’t involve adhering to a set of laws, rules, or regulations. Maybe one reason that people don’t like to talk about obedience is because, in the past, “obedience” did carry a negative connotation; it was always, “Don’t do this,” and “Don’t do that.”

And in that context, obedience was used more often than not to indicate an adherence to a set of rules and regulations which were not necessarily in line with the Word of God.
These were really the do’s and don’ts of tradition. But when you actually begin to study the subject, obedience is the underlying theme of the entire Word of God. How pertinent this subject is to the Church world today!

Teaching about obedience is needed in the Body of Christ, so that we can move into the arena of great faith and accomplish what God has for us to do in this generation before the Lord’s return.
Throughout the Word of God, as we study the lives of men and women mighty in faith, we see that they always operated in obedience to God. And that’s what allowed God to do the impossible through them.

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