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Sharing Sex Stories With The Girls (Book 5)

Length: 62 pages52 minutes


This is the fifth episode of sex stories from five former Univ. of Texas coed, now all professional women. South Padre Island is the gathering place for this rainy weekend when all five of “the girls” decide to tell each other their sex stories since everything else is rained out and there’s nothing else to do. The girls are Lori, the former cheerleader and still a “spinner,” Doris, double D cup high school English teacher, Brooke, strawberry blonde college instructor, Alyson, the newly divorced real estate exec, and Sabra, the model/attorney are the girls. They all have sex stories they’ve never told each other but this weekend they will. They’ll tell about their first time, their best time, a first lesbian experience, their most bizarre sex, and their most important sex.

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