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Bible Solutions- uncommon wisdom for Business Success

Length: 52 pages47 minutes


This book will teach you what you may not learn in a formal education setting. Inside it, the author teaches how to attain greatness in life. He vividly compares life to running a business. It is extremely insightful. It contains words that will give you rare understanding and make you see what to do to become great in the business of life and to attain excellence in whatever business you may be involved in.
There is nothing new under the sun. Many mortals have come out of wretchedness to attain massive success in life. They lived their lives in a certain way following well defined principles. A careful search for these hidden principles so as to find and apply them in our lives will take us to that same destination of greatness. This is what the author attempts to do in this book. It is truly an unveiling of the secrets of remarkable achievers. This material is an eternal cure to mediocrity. Welcome to greatness!

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