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Two Serial Killers, A Wedding And A Funeral: T14 Book 4

Length: 240 pages3 hours


It's been nearly a year since the first one. The break has been more than necessary. Too many mistakes last time. It was only a test run, but still.
It turns out that becoming a serial killer is more difficult than I'd expected. All these years of studying the 'greats', honing my plans, and I still almost got caught first time out. I need the magic number four to become a 'proper' serial killer and I'm getting impatient; there will not be a gap of a year between numbers two and three. I'm thinking more like days, to get the police and the media properly interested.
And to get the public thinking, which is the whole point after all. I doubt many people will get it but I'm placing it on record that this is a moral crusade. I know that I'm going to be killing people but this is the only way I can think of getting the message across. Surely it's worth sacrificing a few lives to potentially save many more and change the world for the better? A small price to pay for the opportunity to create a better world for all of us. Is it immoral to kill a few rats in order to find a cure for cancer? Of course not, so how can it be immoral to take a few insignificant lives in order to cure the moral cancer that is killing the world?

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