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Life's Lessons: Memoirs of Sex & Lies, Love & Death

Length: 170 pages2 hours


I had a wonderful life. I befriended good love, but let it slip right out of my hands like a prized king salmon. I have served my country half-heartedly while I served my libido admirably. Yes, my sex life made me king for a day. Fortunate for me, love returned to give me a second chance and I jumped to it without considering the mounting debt of my past indiscretions. Shadows of my past plagued me while deceased loved ones visit my thoughts, harbingering my fate. Sickness entered my body long ago and has been a loyal companion every since, costing me my sanity and health.

I am a man very much aware of my demise. Somehow, someway, the debt of Life’s Lessons must be paid. I have died a thousand deaths, by fire, water, ice, gravity, My lives have seen deserts turn to swamps, to forests, to grasslands and back to deserts.

About the author:
Arthur Allen Jennings worked on his memoir while in hospice care in Wasilla, Alaska. On a daily basis, he would struggle to make it his best while battling chronic pain, fatigue and pride. Long after his death, his memories and legacy lives on within these pages.

“With a fluid and unapologetic style of storytelling, Art gives his audience permission to say what they really mean, feel and think, however late in life.”-- Caitlin Skvorc, Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

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