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The Alien's Reward III: Insurrection

Length: 742 pages12 hours


No one was sure of the exact point in time when the earth came to be ruled by the aliens of the Changtung race, nor could they remember exactly when the Changtung began overtly discriminating against and then oppressing the native humans, along with the immigrant Cirrans, Orrans and Blue Planet people. The first group of Changtungs to arrive on earth were extremely grateful toward the Blues for accepting them into their society, and transporting the remainder of their race for over 200 years as they searched for a new home. Nor did they forget how they were warmly accepted by the earthers after their long sojourn in space. Their fellow Changtungs, of the second arriving group, were hard-core warriors and not so grateful, nor were their memories as long lasting. And they had plans to remove and enslave all non-Changtung people.
Over thirty years have passed since the Pillagers destroyed most of the earth's population and infrastructure, and it's been twenty since Ralph and Yoki Butler disappeared into the time wrinkle never to return. The time has come for the oppressed peoples of earth to rise up against their Changtung oppressors, and the children of the Yoki-Butlers were the ideal leaders for the revolution. But things never go as planned for the earthers or their oppressors.

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