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The Legend of the Wizard’s Apprentice: Book 1 - Kerwyn the Apprentice

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“Well, my boy, Kerwyn, it looks like you’ve done it to yourself again.” A tall, lanky human male with unkempt brown hair and loose-fitting clothing of blue and green robes was huddled on the floor covered in a sticky mess of magical webbing that had gone terribly wrong. Master Sernett looked Kerwyn in his strange, troubled eyes. One eye was as black as the darkest night and the other so radiant blue that one would think it was glowing with its own inner light. Master Sernett shook his head and wondered what he was going to do with the lad. He knew Kerwyn had the inner ability to do magic, but the boy had no focus. In fact, he could sense the greatest amount of the One Power in him that he had ever sensed in anyone. Sometimes it was so powerful that Master Sernett wondered if the old legends were, in fact, true. One day, the greatest wizard would return to battle the Evil Master. The world would finally be rid of the Black Tower and the evil creatures that lived inside. Master Sernett shook his head and chuckled to himself, thinking that if this seventeen-year-old boy lying before him covered in sticky, magical webbing was the all-mighty wizard reborn, then this world was done for and the evil would surely be victorious this time.

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