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Samantha's Seduction

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To say that ‘Samantha’s Seduction’ is written in the erotic romance paranormal genre would be a misnomer though having said that there is a lot of sex in the manuscript. I like to think of the story as a social commentary on the state of things in the world today.
In this day and age, where political correctness passes for reason, Samantha’s Seduction blurs the line between men and women’s hopes and desires with a man writing in the first person feminine voice.
The book follows Samantha from her dead end cubical hell to a life full of opulence and splendor where money is of no object, high fashion, haute couture is the norm, and wealth and privilege go hand in hand though at what cost?
For everything costs, something; as we find Samantha struggling to find out what she will pay to achieve the fairy tale ending she hopes awaits her.
A first person narrative, there are actually four voices in the story, Samantha’s who is telling the story, her inner voice, as well as the id, the ego and the super ego, each dealing with their own hopes and desires. Each interpreting events through their focus and giving vent to their thoughts as events unfold.
Full of humor and incite, a pro-feminist view point with a hint of danger to come we follow along as Samantha deals with life’s trials and tribulations.
And SEX, a lot of sex, as befits an erotic novel

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