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On the Run with the Bad Boy

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Inspiration comes in many forms. For Gail Summer, it takes the form of Derek Kyle, Bad Boy.

The introverted Gail Summer deals in fantasies, writing 'bad boy' books under the name Tempest Winter. But it's only fantasy – all from her imagination – until she meets Derek. Then it becomes all too real as giving this 'bad boy' a lift leads to a wild ride where Gail submerges herself in her lustier, more outgoing alter ego, Tempest, in order to survive.

As she learns more about Derek, Tempest finds herself torn between wanting to stay with a man who makes her feel like a whole woman, and running from a man in his line of work. It appears that her only chance at happiness is to turn him from his path.

Derek wants Tempest from the first moment he sees her. He takes her for what she has to offer at the moment, intending to send her packing when she outlives her usefulness. A growing desire for her makes that more difficult than he expected. However, keeping her will jeopardize a mission he has vowed to complete.

With conflicting goals, only one can win – and only through betrayal of the other. Love can survive terrible trials, but rarely betrayal. Should they survive, will Derek and Tempest find the strength to overcome this?

"On The Run With The Bad Boy": a standalone, full-length 80,000 word Romance novel with an HEA. Has mature content.

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