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Country Secrets (Collins Ranch - Book 3)

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Book Three of the Collins Ranch series! 

Andrea Collins thought New York City would be everything she'd ever dreamed. What she didn't anticipate was the pleasures of small town life coming back to haunt her in the big dog-eat-dog world. 

A bad break-up with her boyfriend leads her back to Heighly, the town of her youth, after many years. Now she must try and mend the familial bonds she broke so long ago. 

Now, a horrible accident has landed Andrea's father in the hospital and his life hangs by a thread. Thankfully Kyle is by her side through the whole ordeal, comforting her through her father's surgery and bolstering her confidence about carrying the Collins family name. 

Something is wrong, however. 

Kyle is struggling with a secret he's hiding from her, as well as his growing affection for the dark-haired beauty. 

While he muses, an unexpected visit from the town's sheriff sheds light on Kyle's murky past, and threatens to tear him and Andrea apart...forever. 

Fans of Bella Andre, Rachel Gibson, and Kristan Higgins will love this steamy, spicy romance novel with strong, independent woman and sexy alpha heroes. 

Praise for Ana Vela
"Once I opened it, I found i had a lot of trouble putting it down so looking to part 2 ;) and yes had my pulse elevated :)" 

"This is one hot little read, and Ana Vela can turn a descriptive phrase in such a way the story plays out like a movie in your head. The action is hot and non-stop, and the tension pulls and teases you along from beginning to explosive end."

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