The Dark Crescent Sisterhood

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The Dark Crescent Sisterhood

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars3/5 (77 ratings)
Length: series


The Dark Crescent Sisterhood #5
As Sybils—protector warrior “witches”—they control the Elements…But passion is a force that no one can contain.
It’s about to get very hot in here…
After her flame powers were severely weakened during a battle against powerful forces, Camille Fitzgerald is rise from the ashes. The fire Sybil joins the ranks of a new group of warrior witches, hoping to regain her warrior spirit and with any luck, her all-but-extinguished pyrotechnic skills.
But a cannibal demon army looms, threatening to destroy the peace that she sacrificed so much to achieve. On top of that, Camille is driven to distraction with her red-hot lust for John Cole—the new undercover officer for New York’s Occult Crimes Unit is a deadly combination of demon and U.S. Special Forces agent, with a smile that’s as lethal as his talents and more than dangerous to Camille’s heart.
John knows all too well he can’t be trusted; he can’t even trust himself, especially since his warrior soul made its new home in the body of the Sybils’ deadliest enemy whose essence still lingers. But when the demon inside flexes its muscles, it’s Camille’s burning kisses that keep him human. For now.
If he can conquer in his dark side, he might have the chance not only to save himself, but put a stop to the an army of satanic hellboys ready to destroy the world—and then generate some real heat with Camille.
“The middle chapter of Windsor’s back-to-back series takes her protagonists on a harrowing journey. Her characters are never in for an easy ride, as she places both physical and emotional challenges in their path. The complexity of the world of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood is a big reason why Windsor’s books are so intriguing and hard to put down. One of the genre’s consistently excellent players!” -RT Book Review
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