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On an Island with a Houghs Necker

123 pages56 minutes


When June Milano, to her relief, learns that her good friend, Sonya Johansen, has broken up with her fiance, Rufus Fenstermacher, she quickly fixes her up with her husband's college roommate, Jack Dalton. What she doesn't realize, however, is that the two of them already have met and not under the best of circumstances. So, when the two of them arrive at the Milanos's apartment, sparks fly and not the romantic kind.
As if that isn't bad enough, Elmer Tweedle, an escapee from a mental hospital, shows up, brandishing a gun and looking for his long lost love, Lucille Lanigan, who used to live there and has since passed away. With the help of their landlady, Rose Clancy, who is desperate for a soul-mate--even one like Elmer will suffice--the Milanos finally get the zany situation under control.

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