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Pool Boy

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Also available in the J. Garcia Collection A MID SMUT LOVER's NIGHT DREAM

Marissa Harper was a wealth trophy wife turned widow. Now, she's on the prowl taking every chance she gets to forget her rotten marriage. One morning she wakes up and to her surprise is Antonio, her new sexy dripping pool boy. Marissa usually doesn't go for young studs, but finds herself with the instant urge to conquer Antonio in every way imaginable and soon goes right after the object of her lust.

Excerpt :

“Damn this unbearable heat.” I exhaled taking a melted ice cube from the glass and sucking on it. Then moved the coolness across my neck, up to my chin letting it continue to melt on my feverish skin.
His hands froze without resuming.
“Oh darling, here you must thirsty.” I extended the lemonade to him.
He made a big slurp leaving the glass half empty.
“Anything else I can do for you, Miss Harper?”
He asked making me grinned.
I held my top together, gestured my head for him to follow me. I walked to the Pool House going inside I lead him to the long pale sofa. I leaned on top of it, looking at him sinisterly; he had such an adorable confused expression.
I let the bikini top fall to the ground. My breasts were exposed, plump roundness and nipples at attention. His eyes became wide circles as his mouth fell open in astonishment.
“What’s the matter, you don’t like?” I asked in my seductive voice.
He was completely mute.
“Well, what do you think?” I said impatiently.
“I...They are lovely, Miss Harper,” he muttered. I raised an eyebrow making him freeze worrying if the response was unfavorable.
“Lovely you say?” I continued, “Enough to suck?”
“Well then don’t just stand there, come and demonstrate for me.” I said more like commanded actually. I couldn’t resist the temptation of being in charge of this delicious creature.

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