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Walking Away From Idolatry

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Can someone be a Christian and still struggle with idolatry? What does it mean to have idols in your life? And how can you walk away from idolatry?

In this 7-part series, Wes McAdams demonstrates how idolatry wasn’t simply an ancient problem for Babylon, Rome, or Israel. Nor is it exclusively a part of other world religions; it can also plague Christians. As it’s been said, anytime we take a good thing and make it the ultimate thing, we fall into the trap of idolatry.

Walking Away From Idols exposes the popular idols of relationships, politics, work, materialism, knowledge, and health. In each lesson, Wes provides tips for identifying the idols of our lives and how to leave them behind as a part of our quest to exalt Christ above all things.

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