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Get Your First Investor Meeting: Creating a Kick Ass Executive Summary (Entrepreneur Series, #2)

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If you want to get your first angel investor or venture capital investor meeting then this book will help get you there. Whether you are a complete newbie or have been building your business for years, we've written the guide to creating a clear, concise and compelling executive summary that will get you those first investor meetings.

Follow this approach and you'll be on your way to your first angel or venture capital investor meeting and the funding you need to realize your business dreams. 

This book Includes: 
- Why Knowing How to Create Executive Summaries will Help Your Entrepreneurial Career 
- The Key Elements of a Kick Ass Executive Summary 
- The Executive Summary Format that Works 
- Common Mistakes that Stop Entrepreneurs Getting Investor Meetings 
- Founder Tips to Increase Your Investor Traction

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