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Car Key Programming Guide - Prince Obama

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1          Introduction

Automobile keys have developed from the simple systems which were like specialized residential door keys to sophisticated and advanced systems that use embedded computers for their operation. These keys these days have knobs with push buttons on them which are used to open/close the vehicle remotely through a wireless medium, it is very uncommon these days to push your Car Key into the barrel to open it manually.

The use of wireless medium for remote control keys in their early days was very simple radio frequency system which were not very secure, the signals could easily be hacked and recorded by criminals using black electronics and then replayed back to gain access to the vehicle.

Modern systems avoid this problem by the use of a rolling code (or hopping) system. This system ensures that, the code transmitted is never repeated, so if a thief records the signal it will be useless to use.

Some vehicle make like Renault and Peugeot also employed infra-red technology in some of their early remote locking systems. This required pointing the key towards the receiver on the vehicle just like using a TV remote control to lock and unlock the vehicle. Presently this system has all been replaced by RF technology.

Contemporary technology doesn't even require pressing anything for entry. Systems range from s key/smart card which when held within a certain distance of the vehicle can open or lock the doors to systems that have fingerprint recognition embedded into the door handle.

On luxury vehicles, keys can be individually coded to suit the driver. So once the key is inserted all preprogrammed settings such as