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Ideas to inspire you and bring you toward wholeness

by Ian Brown

This book is dedicated to those people who work hard to contribute to the well being of society, to those who become anxious because they care about others, and to those who do not feel as good about themselves as they need to.


Ideas to inspire you and bring you toward wholeness

© 2011 Ian D. G. Brown

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National Library of Australia, Cataloguing-in-publication entry

Brown, Ian D. G.

The Book of Thoughts.

1. Philosophy. 2. Wellbeing. 3. Self help. 4. Humanism

ISBN: 978-1-291-69476-5


There have been many versions of daily readings written over the years. Some have been for the benefit of personal comfort, some for spiritual reassurance or the development of religious faith, and others for inspiration.

This version of regular readings is intended to give readers a balance of what is required to feel good about themselves, to motivate them to be active whilst also encouraging them to remain psychologically relaxed and calm. Unfortunately many people who work hard, conduct a business or have considerable responsibility can become stressed. This book of readings is intended to help people to be happy, to achieve in life, to be successful in their work, but to do so whilst remaining calm, content and comparatively stress free.

This book of readings is designed to give you three meaningful statements for each of the 365 days of the year. One statement is intended to enhance your self-esteem, to help build your confidence, to develop within you, a positive feeling about yourself and your abilities. Thus providing you with reassurance and comfort.

Another reading or statement has the intention to inspire you, to motivate and challenge you. It also has the intention to help you express your creativity and encourage you to take action.

The third statement will focus on relaxation and serenity thus enabling you to be calm and relaxed. Consequently, it will help make motivation and challenge effective.

It is intended that each set of three statements is enough for one day. They can be read in the evening as you go to bed so that they permeate your brain and allow you to sleep peacefully reassured that tomorrow will be a positive day. Or they can be read in the morning and you can take the thoughts with you through the day. If you allow a few minutes in the morning to either take in your readings for the day, or re-read the statements which, you had read the night before, it can give you reassurance, motivation and calmness that will benefit you all day long.

You will also discover that as the days go by, that you will be experiencing the benefits of programming your mind to you own advantage, and you may begin to feel less need of daily reading. However, it is valuable to keep reading daily and you will be surprised by how often what you planned for the next day will be made easier by the programming of your mind.

When you reach the 365th daily reading it will be (theoretically) one year since you started. Given it was one year ago that you started reading the Book of Thoughts. the first few statements you read will not be so fresh in your mind—even though hopefully they will have had some effect on you. If you do remember any of the statements it will be because they have impacted on you in a powerful and positive way. Nevertheless, it is most likely you will use this book of statements year after year and expectantly be able to say Yes, I’m doing that. or maybe Oh, I had forgotten that, I must keep that in mind. Hence, the reminder twelve months on will be beneficial.

How you use this book is, of course, up to you. You may wish to use it for example, weekly, or dip into it at random. But remember it is designed to gain maximum benefit from statements with power, and the most benefit will be gained from one set of three statements per. day.

There will be some repetition of principles in each of the genre; but that is appropriate in a year’s dose of daily statements or thoughts. If any level of repetition acts as reinforcement it will help you to learn and change. That is, it will help you become a more confident, motivated and relaxed person. It will convince you to be inspired to act, and the action turns the idea or belief into reality.

Keep in mind that this book is designed to affirm you as a person. An affirmation is a statement you believe or want to believe, and that you want to be true. This book has many affirmations in it. Take them all in, take them into your very being.

The source of many of the statements are unknown. There has never been an intention to plagiarise although I am aware many are not original; but the source is unknown. I sometimes take notes when listening to speeches or jot down statements whenever I hear or read something worthwhile. But often the source is not recorded. Where the author is known the author is acknowledged. Where the origin is unknown I can only state here my gratitude to the originator whoever he or she may be. I can also state that many of the statements are my own original thinking. (That claim I believe is difficult for myself and for most of humanity to make, because I believe much of our thinking is inspired by those who came before us—it just seems to us to be original!)

Congratulations on achieving access to this book. Gaining new thoughts and ideas can change your life. Everything you gain from this book will be of positive benefit. Hopefully you will change; but do not fear the personal change, embrace it and welcome it. You life will be better. Happiness and success will be closer to you.

We can all grow and develop as people. It requires however, commitment and willingness to grow and change. So use the thoughts and ideas in this book as the springboard of inspiration to make meaningful and actual changes in your life. As you read and act, allow personal growth to occur; embrace it and enjoy the ever changing you.

You can, and you will, grow as a person. I wish you well as you begin using this book. I believe it will benefit you greatly. I truly hope this is the outcome for you. It has been written with the intention of helping people gain greater happiness and success in their lives. I trust that it will do this for you. Happy reading!

Ian Brown.


•   Discipline yourself to read only one page (the relevant page you are up to) each day.

•   Remember, if you go way on holidays, take The Book of Thoughts with you.

•   If you share a bed with someone on a regular basis, then you need to negotiate with him/her if you wish to read this book when you get into bed. If you are a co-operative couple, you will be able to work out an arrangement. For example, you could read this book together.

•   If you read this book in the morning you may find it more helpful to read the statements in the reverse order on the page. That is, you would be reading relaxation first, then motivation and then self-esteem.

•   You may gain more benefit from this book by reading each statement slowly so that you can take it in—and if necessary, read it two or three times—and to gain whatever meaning you can, and as much depth as you can.

•   Give yourself a few minutes to reflect on and absorb, the statements you have read.

•   The only exception to reading more than one per day would be if illness or other crisis has prevented you from reading for a few days and you want to catch up. But, remember this is not essential; you can just continue on and your 365 days of readings will be a bit longer than the calendar year.

•   Some of the statements are in the first person, others are written as a piece of advice to you. The latter you may wish to put into your own words thus making them more meaningful to you. Remember the important aspect is to take the statement on board for yourself.


I’m special; genetics dictates that there has never been, and never will be, another human being just like me.

It is worth considering and planning for the future, because we have to spend the rest of our lives there.

It is time to be calm. Imagine peaceful places, remember beautiful sounds, and think relaxing thoughts.


Although we should acknowledge that in everything we have achieved, we may have been supported by family, friends or colleagues, we should never forget that we did it; and be proud.

A person who is self motivated