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An Imperfect Union

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When Dr. Fred Dudley is wounded at Gettysburg, Cornelia Hancock risks her life and reputation to care for him and other Union soldiers. 'Imperfect Union' is a timeless story of love and survival during the American Civil War. Author Georgiann Baldino tells the story of two real people, a doctor and nurse, serving at some of the worst battlefields.

When Fred recovers from his wound and returns to the army, he convinces the medical director to send for Cornelia. She joins him at the division hospital where she lives during winter encampment. Together Fred and Cornelia face unimaginable loss of life. Several times Union officials send her home. Living near army camps was a scandalous thing for a young, unmarried woman to do in 1864, but Cornelia finds ways to remain on duty. As they care for sick and wounded soldiers, Fred and Cornelia rely on and comfort each other. The characters' growing affection for each other, against a backdrop of carnage, creates a inspiring work of fiction

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