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Exhale: Love In Half Notes

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This e-book is a compilation of poems and prose including a spoken words piece, written in the voice of a woman in love lost. It includes bonus insertions “Courtly Love” and “Naked” from the author’s debut book Dimensions of a Woman, a first sense of being. The book also includes “The Fall Away Series #1 to #9 as posted on My Painted Word blog.

Exhale: Love in Half Notes is a look inside lost love, with all its pain, longing, and beauty. The poems exude simple language but with depth that can be comprehended by both open and hurting hearts. Have you been spurned by unrequited love but can still call it lovely? Or have you been changed by love’s encounter? Then this little treasure is for you. It makes a great gift for the right kind of love affair, too.

Book Quote:
“Tired fingers lost nerve, hands cry to write... love. Now, the days are long, the months drag on, the years change nothing, and though June never met December, in summer’s dream they shared everything”.

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