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Song of the Sacred Wind

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The quest that began with the Song of the Circle has gathered momentum in many lands as Tu Ahu have been raised to join the Creation Light of the Cosmos to planet Earth. Now the journey around the rim of the circle moves towards the end.
Crossing the great deserts of Egypt the valiant seekers of the good and true sail through the Mediterranean Sea and to Ireland. Here they gather power from the Roth of Tara, the wondrous standing stone that holds the wisdom of the ages. And they reawaken the magic of the sacred springs of that land and in the strength of stone and star and life-giving waters launch their great ship to cross the vastness of the Atlantic to complete the great circle that began so long ago.
In South America, in the waters of Lake Titicaca and on the Fields of Cuzco they come at last to the final confrontation with the Black Robes. Is the Sacred Wind, born of the turning of the stars, strong enough to overcome the anger and anguish of the darkness? Is love the greatest force in the Cosmos, the healing that is of the One?
The journey is the destination. There is no beginning and no end, just the journey.

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