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English Conversations Made Easy: Conversation questions, idioms, verbal phrases, slang, proverbs, quotes, debates, jokes, riddles, and thought provoking pictures to stimulate English conversation

492 pages4 hours


I created this book out of frustration with other English conversation books.
Students, especially at a university, often do not want to fully cooperate with questions that seem too easy for them, or that they can answer in brief sentences. As soon as I would hand students a chapter of some other book, they would start a mad dash to see who could answer the questions as quickly as possible. Understandably, as a teacher, this was upsetting, as there was little I could do. Sure, I could ask the students to answer the question correctly, or in a more elongated form but the die had already been cast. They would answer any question as briefly as they could, as quickly as they could.
What is a teacher to do when students finish the thirty questions in 10 minutes instead of the expected 2 hours? I ended up bringing supplementary material to fill up the rest of the time. I searched online for the best ways to teach effective conversation skills. I saw that pictures were often mentioned. Also, idioms, slang, debate, quotes, and riddles. So, I searched online for a book that I could use to teach my classes with and not worry about printing out a ton of sheets. I ended up having to assign my students 4 or 5 books just to have enough material to work with. I need not say that my students were none too pleased. I wanted professional quality material instead of an assortment of mashed up handouts, but there was nothing available!
Out of frustration, I took my summer vacation, holed myself up in a dark room with a creaky fan, and created this book.
This book has everything that an English conversation teacher would need to teach a class. Every unit is enough for at the very least 2 hours of work, no matter how fast students wish to get through a chapter, it’ll be difficult to finish a chapter in less than 2 hours simply due to the sheer breath of material included in every chapter.
This book has over 1500 questions spread over 38 chapters. Besides that, it has 190 idioms, 190 verbal phrases, 190 slang terms, 190 proverbs, 190 quotes, 76 debate questions, 38 riddles, 190 proverbs, 38 motivational quotes, and 38 thought provoking pictures.
What all this means is that in every chapter you’ll have enough material to work with so that you, or your students don’t end up with nothing to say.

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