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Never Really One of the Guys, the story of Minnesota's first female Conservation Officer

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“Never Really one of the Guys,
The Story of Minnesota’s First Female Conservation Officer.”

This memoir tells the story of a profession few have lived through from a perspective that is extremely rare and unique. Readers will get a glimpse into the world of natural resource law enforcement through the eyes of a woman who has a story unlike any other they may have read. Those interested in the outdoors, law enforcement, natural resources, or women struggling to overcome obstacles will find this an enjoyable read.

It was 1980 when the author became Minnesota’s first female Conservation Officer ever hired. Over the next thirty years she struggled with chauvinistic training officers, supervisors and promotional battles that never got easier as she learned the lesson over and over again that she was “Never Really One of the Guys.” She worked in the field arresting violators while checking hunters in the woods, fishing licenses, boaters, and snowmobilers on the lakes and rivers of Minnesota as she handled issues with Minnesota’s diverse wildlife.

She married three times before finding a man capable of handling a wife in law enforcement officer with odd hours, unusual duties, and the unusual notoriety that comes with the profession. Her third husband, also an officer, went on to become the Chief in charge of their entire Division. This brought with it new challenges as she fought to maintain her own identity as people started referring to them merely as a couple and she found herself losing her personal power. After 24 years on the job, she became a Regional Captain in charge of just over one quarter of the state’s officers and two-thirds of the state’s population.

The end of her career brought on the fight of her life when she was fired amongst false charges of doing unauthorized work on a conference and the enormous eighteen month battle that ensued to gain her job back, win a law suit against the state, and earn back her integrity and respect they tried to steal.

A unique story about an unusual profession told from a very rare perspective.

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