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Conversions: The School of Exorcists (YA paranormal adventure and romance, Book 4): The School of Exorcists (YA paranormal adventure and romance), #4

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Ruby Carmichael faces her biggest challenge to date, battling alongside her friends and loved ones, against her dark magic using family.

She meets new magic users and makes new allies in the fight to keep The School of Exorcists safe from harm.

Ruby comes up against a demon, summoned by her parents, and struggles to keep her friends alive and safe against such powerful magic.

In this fast paced teen and YA paranormal romance and adventure series, Ruby's love life remains complicated, as the curse she has been under is broken. But who does she really love? She's not the only one confused about their love life, and new arrivals at the School give her best friend Annabel a tricky decision regarding who she wants to be with.

Unstable ghosts, dark magic crazed family members and Ruby's own fears that magic and romance don't combine well continue to cause problems, and she is faced with the heart breaking loss of one of her closest friends

Conversions, Book 4 in the School of Exorcists teen and YA paranormal romance and adventure series, features fast-paced action, romance, magic and mystery.

Q & A with the Author

Q - How would you describe The School of Exorcists series?

A - The School of Exorcists is a mix of teen and YA romance and adventure, sc-fi and fantasy, with lots of paranormal bumps along the way. I've always enjoyed reading books aimed at teens and young adults, especially coming of age series best sellers, they speak to my own inner teen, so you'll find lots of this throughout the series.

Q - Why did you want to write paranormal romance and adventure novels?

A - I love thinking about love and reimagining my own teenage years, making them much more exciting! This series has been ten years in the writing and Ruby Carmichael and her paranormal adventures and romance can now be released for others to immerse themselves into. I wanted to write young teen and young adult books that engaged and excited readers of all ages and I hope The School of Exorcists has achieved that.

Q - What does it mean to you when readers buy your books?

A - I get a huge smile on my face, it great to know people enjoy my writing. Paranormal romance and adventure books can get a bad rap, too much Twilight and not enough action, but I will always enjoy this type of writing, and if I never sell another book and the best seller list isn't for me, I will still write paranormal books because I love them. The School of Exorcists has so many stories to tell, lots of undead, plenty of ghosts and magic by the bucket load. The School is going to keep me busy for years, and I hope readers will enjoy this journey with me.

The School of Exorcists Teen and Young Adult Paranormal Romance and Adventure series categories:

- Teen and YA Romance Ghosts
- Teen and YA Fantasy Series
- Paranormal Books for Teens and Young Adults
- Teen and YA paranormal and Fantasy Book
- Coming of Age Series
- Young Adult paranormal and Fantasy Book

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