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The Sacrifice: Enchanted Ever After, #1

34 pages24 minutes


The Forest People have always been there, hiding in the shadows and helping whenever they were needed. Adna grew up hearing stories about them, the pointy eared and beautiful beings that lived in the wooden areas. She even saw one once, and she never forgot him. He’d made her heart beat like never before, and now she was the sacrifice.

By giving herself up to the Forest People, her village would have another twenty years of their aid. She was nervous because no one knew what happened to those who were sacrificed. They just disappeared and never came back, but all Adna could think about was his marvelous blue eyes.

Enchanted Ever After is a series for those who enjoy reading short stories about love, passion, and supernatural beings like elves, angels, and vampires. Each book can be read as a stand-alone. 

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