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Greymoon River Road

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The book is a fictional mystery thriller. The plot revolves around an ongoing family law court case and a disputed land deal that happened many many years ago. The Lonsdale Magistrates Court and the Family Law Court in Lansborough become the battlegrounds for Alexis Smythe and her ex-partner Martin Thompson, as they try to sort out their differences surrounding their eight years twins, after their acrimonious separation. Alexis’s mother Danielle is a business partner in Greymoon Gardens Village, a future retirement village project being developed by the Foster Real Estate Agency in Greymoon River Road near Austenville. Martin’s brother Justin owns the Thompson Real Estate Agency in Austenville, after taking over the business from his parents Denis and Jean. Tensions have always simmered between the Foster and Thompson families since a disputed land deal two generations ago. The very same land where the retirement village is to be built. While Alexis and Martin are slugging out in the courts, Denis Thompson takes one of his grandsons, Jeremy, out to explore the disputed bushland. They use old maps from the local museum and discover something that now brings Alexis and Danielle into the ongoing feud between the two warring families.

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