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Z Walkers: Sara - Episode 2

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Episode 2 of the Z Walkers series! 

It started off a day like any other, as these kinds of days always do. Sara, personal trainer, almost makes it to lunch before chaos strikes her upscale gym. Instead of meeting with an afternoon client, she finds herself face-to-face with what she can only describe as rabid cannibals. The whole first floor of the building quickly becomes a bloodbath, and she hides away in her office, hoping this is just a bad dream. 

Unfortunately, it's anything but. When silence descends, Sara realizes she's not only trapped in a building with flesh-hungry people, but her one shot at escape, the nearby parking lot, is crawling with them too. 

The only upside is that she doesn't have to tackle it alone. Fellow trainer Gary emerges from his hiding place in her moment of despair, and together they try to attain a human's three most basic needs: food, water, and shelter. 

But she could have never predicted finding what she'd always taken for granted to be so difficult--or deadly. 

Will she make it out alive? Or will she become a meal for whatever’s out there…?

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