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Z Walkers: Hank - Episode 3

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Episode 3 of the Z Walkers series! 

If Hank could choose anywhere in the world to be on a weekday night, it definitely wouldn't be at the high school where he'd worked as a janitor for the last eight years. Like he actually wanted to scrub toilets and polish floors when he could have been at home with the love of his life and their mutt. 

Unfortunately, that night would quickly dissolve into a night unlike any other. Midway through a late-night phone call with his wife, Hank hears what he believes to be students breaking windows. Disgruntled pupils damaging property is nothing new to him--but coming face-to-face with men covered in blood and hungry for his flesh is something he's never experienced before. 

When he realizes the whole city has been hit by these terrifying people, he does what he can to get his wife out while trapped in the school. Little does he know, it's worse out there for her than it is in there for him, and what was supposed to be a pretty routine evening of cleaning turns into something so much more. 

Meanwhile, a teenage thief and a personal trainer struggle for cover, pursued by infected freaks through the city. In the distance, a school becomes a beacon for safety--if only they can avoid the herd of cannibals out front. 

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