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Zombies! An Undead Bundle

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4 Full Novels of Zombies!

Colony Z

When the Undead have taken over America, one group of survivors find safety by escaping to a remote, unsettled island.

There they work to rebuild society, while trying to survive whatever it is that is after them.

Alone and isolated, their relative peace and safety is shattered when a group of Others shows up on their island and their leaders must make life-altering choices in the blink of an eye.

This is only the beginning. This is their story.

Bishop’s Isle

Life as a lighthouse keeper on a remote Scottish island isn't always the most exciting. Especially since she split with her husband, Mark. Yet, Holly loves her job, her friends, and her life on Bishop's Isle.

Until, one day, strange...things start to wash ashore. Dangerous things she has never seen before. Frightening things that nobody else on the island can explain.

Now, Holly, and the rest of islanders, must overcome a whirlwind of troubles and use her lighthouse to try and signal for help, and hope against hope that somebody sees her, and the island's, desperate plea in time...

Can they reach safety? Or will they be overtaken by the Undead...?

Plague Z

Siblings Alexi and Irina had always been safe in their small town, far away from the dangers of Plague Z, a horrific new disease that seems to be terrorizing Russia. Until now. When it finally enters into their lives, they are forced to make drastic decisions with life or death consequences..

Hoping to catch a flight to America where the infection hasn’t reached, they travel to the airport in a city that is three hours away. They need to escape before either of them becomes infected. Nothing is really known about Plague Z, so they don’t know exactly what dangers might be involved.

They only know they need to get out before it’s too late.

Will they be able to make the flight and escape?

All they can hope is that freedom waits for them on the other side of the water...

Z Walkers

Hank, Collin, and Sara. A janitor, a thief, a personal trainer.

Three strangers in an increasingly strange city come together in an attempt to survive. With the infected crawling out of every crevice, they need to get to safety--now. Each wants a different direction: Hank still waits for his lady love to arrive so that they can head north, while Sara wants to get on a boat and get out onto the open waters. Collin...well, Collin just wants to be the aloof dangerous guy in a zombie apocalypse.

Little do they know, each of their best-laid plans is going to hit a rocky detour, and there's no telling just who will get out of everything alive.

Will any of them make it to safety before it's too late? Or will they end up just like the other mindless zombies beginning to fill the streets…?

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