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Living your 30 Year Bonus. Turning the idea of retirement on its head.

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Living your 30 year Bonus (e-Book and life analysis)

From around 50 onwards and well into our late 60’s a questions starts to haunt us. Is this the point of decline, or are we entering a new and positive third age of life

We are the first generation where most of us can live into our 80’s and probably well into our 90’s. We are part of a remarkable event- It has never happened before. We are creating history at this very moment - we have the ability to claim a 30-year bonus. This book for anyone over 45, based on the experiences of many others, helps you to carefully think through the life you want in the future.

But even though many of us feel young, we conceptualize age through a mental picture of our parents’ generation. We are heavily conditioned in our view of age. And due to this many of us will live the third phase of our life in a way that fits more with the past than with the new 90+ years of enjoyable life.

The more successful people have been in work, the more difficulty they often have in making a successful transition to this third age of life- the 30 year bonus which starts somewhere after mid life. Retirement for them is not what they expected. Being a senior is not quite enough.

I have listened to people for over 35 years talk about all manner of subjects and increasingly saw that some became “old” quickly; some stayed young and dynamic into their 90s’. What was the difference?

It’s all in how we look at life. And that requires us to rethink our conditioning about age and to start to claim and then live this 30-year or more bonus.

Some of you may have an ability to make this transition by just living it and doing little thinking. If you do – keep doing it. But for most of us, from what I have seen, this is a huge transition. If we don’t recognize it as such, we stand the chance of missing out on what it could be. And most of the transition is in our own thinking. Get that right and we have a better chance of this third phase being what we want it to be.

Proceeds of books after costs are donated to Medicins Sans Frontieres and future research projects.

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