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How To Teach Your Baby In The Womb

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"Prepare to be amazed by a combination of disciplines harmoniously working together in support of one fact, ‘How to Teach Your Baby in the Womb’. This book eloquently teaches that scientific perspective is no different from cultural and religious outlooks when it comes to pre-birth education/prenatal education.
I cannot guarantee you that you will still be here in fifty years to come, but I can tell you that your knowledge, wisdom and character might be transmitted from generation to generations. This book teaches you how to go about doing the latter and more.
As human beings, we communicate via radio signals from miles away; studying the origin of stars from far heavens. Yet we fail or perhaps neglect to communicate with what is within the womb, living in a same room with us. We build malls and cities yet we fail to give our children a good, strong foundation. In the commercialize world that we live in, we have learned to pay for everything, we have to pay for everything, but how much attention do we pay to our future?
The future is acquired through knowledge and learning; and learning starts at the womb. This is where mental giants are formed. This book shows that when you learn how to prepare your body mind and soul for pregnancy, you will have no regrets in the near future. Let us take advantage of this opportunity and teach our babies in the womb. This is a pre-birth education, a syllabus for all generations. Whether you are young or old, man or woman, get yourself a copy and secure a better future for yourself and the future generation."

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