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Vampire rEvolution

371 pages5 hours


Marcus Lancaster’s rich, society life as a vampire is colliding with his darker life as a vampire. Society parties and fast cars are giving way to contentious command appearances at the Vampire Council, problems with human rivals, and...a hormonal woman. None of it compares, however, wto the plot he’s hatching to make the angels leave the vampire race in peace.

Lilly Marchantel’s illness, the fighting between the vampire cat, Baron, and the Lancaster Sheltie, Lancelot, the attack on one of his ghouls, and the plans of the Archangel Mikhail speed toward a collision point that even the controlling vampire cannot stop.

His carefully balanced universe threatens to explode.

Which might just please the Vampire Council, the leadership of the angels, and Marcus’s rival for Lilly’s love, Sullivan Kilcoan.

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