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Wonka Presents! 'The Story of Diva': Part two

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Part two of this magical story is here! Read on, and follow the adventures of Diva - It is from long ago, when you were just a speck of stardust in the vast night sky and there was still an ancient kingdom of Fairy; from here, Good fairy is to cast the Spell for Diva, a puppy in need of a loving home, but in doing so attracts the likes of Bad fairy, a trouble maker for all immortality! The battle to reign supreme and keep Diva on track is a tale of mischief and magic for us mortals, and is set in the City of Glasgow, where Diva is born, and will be loved by Em . Do enjoy the second part of Diva's story, as the fairies good and bad battle over her spell, woven specially and kept in a locked chest. It’s magic!

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