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Life in the Living Room: Grandma on Call

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Life in the Living Room is a chronology of the author’s background as a single mother, now a grandmother and a brief recap of her experience with online writing. This eBook contains helpful advice for all mothers and anyone who wants to get away from feeling stuck by their circumstances. It contains important life information needed to help make your dreams a reality and for living in the present.

Many single mothers give up their own life interests and futures in favor of taking good care of their children. When life problems forced this author to spend over a decade living with her adult children and other friends, it was time to reassess what to do to improve her future. When disability prevented her from taking on a regular job, online writing was one answer that provided the income she needed. This is a success story, with an end yet to be determined. The main purpose of this eBook is to provide encouragement and direction to others who may be in a similar situation.

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