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The Wildcat Way

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Come along and revisit a historical year in high school athletics. Harding Academy, a small private high school in a mid-sized Arkansas town, didn’t just put together a memorable run that led to three state championships. They managed to place themselves into the rare air of the nearly unbelievable.
A perfect mix of former college coaches and an ultra-talented senior class led the way as the Wildcats made a habit of hanging banners in the 2012-13 school year.
The unique relationship between the school and the university it shares a campus with is only part of the story. Recruiting allegations, a private school stigma and dealing with opponents’ perceptions are an ongoing battle.
See how Harding Academy managed to fit together all the pieces and claim an honor shared by very few. Players and coaches share their views on expectations, tradition and winning . . . The Wildcat Way.

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