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Melissa's Moxie

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Christopher Carter's wife Melissa goes undercover to avenge police misconduct and prevent further abuse. Her plan is to convince the offending officer that he's been recruited to lucrative private-retainer work. But she’s actually setting him up to appear to have had a psychotic break. Will Melissa's true identity be discovered to her peril or will she be able to carry off the ruse? Will the drugs she gives the officer work as planned? Will he be taken to the right hospital? Will he be treated by the psychiatrist who's part of the scheme in time to revive him and label him as psychotic?

It turns out that the victim's wife is a professional dominatrix who is promising to reward the Carters with a hot hands-on lesson in the finer points of bondage/domination/sado-masochism. Will the Carters get their reward? Who will be the better dominant, the most compliant submissive?

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