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~ Part 3/5 of the Serenade Serial, a vampire romance story ~

What is it about the human Rachid that so unsettles vampire Irene? Why did meeting him allow her to compose music again? Why is she so intent on writing a piece of music about that encounter – and why is it so difficult to get it just right? More importantly, why, when she has her fangs in another man’s neck, can she think of nothing else but Rachid’s blood... and Rachid’s body?

Rather than waiting for him to come to her, she goes to him again and compels him to give her his neck. How will Rachid react to this intrusion in his mind and to Irene taking by force what he would have offered of his own free will? And will Rachid’s vampire companion Oliver take offense to this manhandling of his pet?

(22.000 words)

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