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David Finkleman and Dangerous Magic: David Finkleman Mystical Mysteries Series

Length: 230 pages3 hours


Welcome to Olympia, home of magical secrets, dangerous monsters, mystical creatures, and the few people able to fight them!

David Finkleman and Dangerous Magic centers around a sixteen-year-old boy named David Finkleman.  David's grandfather, Ashir Finkleman, is a wizard and FBI agent, working in the Strange and Unusual Unit, located in Olympia, Washington. His mission is to handle all paranormal, mythological, and unexplained cases.  When Ashir has a heart attack, he enlists David, a prodigal wizard to help him with his current job.  A pill is circulating in David's school, one that turns teens into chupacabras.  Ashir and his partner, Tom Stevens are close to catching the person behind it.  But then, Tom goes missing.  It's up to David to find him.  Also searching for Tom is his daughter, Sabrina, who is fifteen, pretty, highly intelligent, confident, and has the gift of communicating with animals.  David and Sabrina team up.

David quickly learns this case is complicated, having to investigate football players who bully him. He has to hide what he's doing from his parents, his perfect brother, and everyone in the school.  David isn't close to his father.  His father resents David for getting the "gift" when his father isn't magical.  Then there's his brother, Henry, also non-magical, who is the star quarterback, straight A student in AP classes, tall, and handsome.  David is short, awkward, and struggles to get B's.

David must find Tom before he gets murdered.  In doing so, he and Sabrinaencounter many close calls.  He must solve this case and fast while keeping up his grades, hiding his true identity, and worrying about the health of his grandfather. 

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