Gone to the Stars
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From the Publisher

‘Gone to the stars’ is the story of a young man who grew up in a privileged world but gave it all up to go and search for a deeper spiritual meaning to life. After being raised in the most beautiful palace on Earth, the young man goes to work for the richest chairman of the board in corporate America and gets involved in high-stakes takeovers, living the super jet-set life. One day, while on a business trip to New York City, his soul separates itself from his body and rises up into the sky along a beam of light. His soul travels to a bright star, which is the entrance to heaven. Returning to Earth, the young man has realized that he now has a soul that is eternal. So he decides to renounce his lifestyle and go look for proofs to what is eternal in man: his soul. This begins a pilgrimage throughout the great American and Mexican wilderness, looking to strip his soul down to its naked essence and travel to the star again, among a string of colorful characters whom he encounters living on the margin of society. Critics comments on ‘Gone to the stars’: “A loveable adventure story, wonderful insight, great art”; “extremely persuasive and in places highly emotive”; “deeply inspirational fiction”; “ambitious and eventful”; “very well written, eloquently and confidently, and a great spiritual adventure”; “a clever idea, with fast-paced narrative that is easy to get into and laced with satire”; “excellent, gripping, exciting, powerful, frightening, beautiful.”
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