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The year is 2987, a thousand years since the Global Catastrophe. Post-oil and post-iron, the islands of New Zealand labour under the tyrannical Fong dynasty that has enslaved the masses to provide for an aristocratic few.
Somewhere on the plains of the South Island, a man and his son fight for their lives, hunted down by the Emperor’s forces for daring to be free. If the youth can escape the onslaught of their pursuers and make it to the forest, he might survive the day, but in that inhuman wilderness lie legendary terrors even more menacing than the men trying to kill him.
Meanwhile far to the South, a rebellion of its own threatens to shake the empire to its rotten foundations, as a rogue warlord and his allies eagerly await the return of an exploratory ship from the depths of the Southern Ocean.
Alone on an island to the east, an old man watches the stars and keeps track of mankind’s destiny. For the antipodean isles, a millenium of cultivator oppression may face its biggest challenge yet.

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