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Meet Miss Flickerfingers

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Jeannine Hiller is excited about moving from Washington to her parents' hometown in California. She is also sad about the move because her mom is not alive to watch the building and finishing of the house her mom designed. Jeannine's joy is in looking forward to living so close to both sets of her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Her loving dad helps her get ready for the move and then this dynamic father-daughter duo are on their great adventure of hauling their household goods and a Wurlitzer pipe organ to their new hometown. Jeannine meets people of all ages through her joy of playing different theatre style organs and her clarinet, watching her house get built and helping her dad select things for their home and playing in a Wurligig. Her maternal grandparents own an art glass company and have a small theatre pipe organ in their showroom. Her grandaunt and granduncle own the Palace Theatre where they have recently installed a very large Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ. Jeannine's paternal grandparents own and operate Ice Cream Palace in the Palace Theatre building and manage the café and air club restaurant at their town's private plane airport. This interesting and talented 9 year old girl earns the nickname of Miss Flickerfingers from one of her new friends and musician mentors.

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