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The Sanction

204 pages3 hours


The vampire covens and the werewolf hordes have been at war since the Beginning...Amarinda Cronus is sheltered and happy, and is a young vampire hoping to discover her mate sooner rather than later. She is kidnapped and taken deep in the mountains where she meets the most unlikely mate possible - a werewolf bent on an age old vendetta of blood.
Graeme knew from the moment he spotted the filthy, beautiful leech standing boldly in the center of the war room that she was his. But the Fates were cruel indeed! To pair him to a blood sucker when his life's work revolved around eradicating them was unthinkable. He would have to kill her, or ransom her, a feat that proved quite easy, until he found himself wanting to do nothing but keep her safe.
Together they are forced to discover if the fire between them can stand against her coven and his horde, and if their love can withstand The Sanction.

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