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The Pistoleer: Roundway Down

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The spring of 1643 was cold and damp, so deadly flu's ravaged the army camps. King Charles was secure in Oxford waiting for his wife Henrietta to march down from York with her invading army and their much needed supplies. Parliament's core army was immobile at Windsor due to a political deadlock over whether to storm the king or make peace with him.
Meanwhile the royalist flying armies were brutalizing the folk of the South West, of the Midlands, and of Lincolnshire. The locals scrambled to defend themselves with help from experienced officers such as Waller and Fairfax, but also from inexperienced militia officers such as Capt. O. Cromwell.
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About The Author
Skye Smith is my pen name. In 1630 some of my Manchester Puritan ancestors sailed away to Massachusetts on one of Robert Rich's ships. The Pistoleer is a series of historical adventure novels set in Britain in the 1640's. I was encouraged to write them by fans of my Hoodsman series.
This is the seventh of the series, and you should read at least the first novel 'HellBurner' before you read this book because it sets the characters and scene for the entire series. The sequence of the books follows the timeline of the Republic of Great Britain. The chapter headings identify the dates and places.

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