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Top Dog

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If man is a wolf unto his own kind, then how does he see things between himself and his best friend? And when that best friend gets to know the wolf within his own self, where do they stand? How does it end?

The life of a solitary man is often made bearable by a good friendship with a big dog. And big dogs enjoy nothing more than the companionship and favour of a good leader, a guiding hand, a top dog in the clan. Dogs and men have been good companions for many thousands of years, and yet, underneath all the camaraderie, there is a slumbering feral nature in each of them; when the time is right, the wolf will have its day. And when the line of survival is finally drawn in the sand, which would be the triumphant one? The wolf, that spirit of free nature, or the pack leader-type, the thinking one, the top dog?

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